100% Free Bug Bounty Hunting Course| Beginner to Advance Level.

Bug Bounty Hunting is a highly demanded course. This is the best latest updated Bug Bounty Hunting course, which is designed for basic to advance level, and easy to understand for everyone. This is a paid course but you download here free of cost and improve your bug findings skills as a next level. And this course help to you getting a growing career & best earning opportunity.

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Overview of bug bounty hunting:-

Bug bounty hunting is a process of finding security vulnerabilities in a software or website and reporting them to the company in exchange for a reward.
Companies usually offer a bug bounty program to incentive security researchers, ethical hackers, and white hat hackers to identify and report any potential security flaws in their systems. 
The aim of a bug bounty program is to improve the overall security of a software or website by allowing the company to patch these vulnerabilities before they are exploited by malicious actors.
The rewards offered for reporting security flaws vary from monetary compensation to recognition or swag, depending on the company and the severity of the flaw.
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Benefits of Bug Bounty Hunting Course:-

  1. Hands-on experience in security testing: Bug bounty hunting allows individuals to put their theoretical knowledge into practice by finding vulnerabilities in real-world systems.
  2. Earning potential: Successful bug bounty hunters can earn significant rewards for reporting vulnerabilities to organizations.
  3. Improving knowledge of security: The process of finding vulnerabilities requires in-depth understanding of various security concepts, which can improve overall knowledge and expertise in the field.
  4. Networking opportunities: Bug bounty programs bring together security experts from all over the world, allowing individuals to build connections and expand their professional network.
  5. Career advancement: Bug bounty hunting can demonstrate an individual’s skills and knowledge to potential employers, leading to career advancement opportunities.
  6. Contribution to a safer online community: By reporting vulnerabilities, bug bounty hunters can help make the internet a safer place for everyone.

Content of Course:-

1. Introduction of Bug Bounty.
2. Information Gathering.
3. Setting up Lab.
4. Introduction to Burp Suite.
5. SQL Injection.
6. Web Application Attacks.
7. Cross Site Script (XSS).
8. Header Injection URL Redirection.
9. Client Side Attack.
10. Brute Forcing.
11. Security Mis-configurations Exploiting Web Apps.
12. Insecure Cors.
13. File Inclusion Vulnerability.
14. Server Side Request Forgery.
15. Insecure Captcha.
16. Automating VAPT Advance Information Gathering.
17. Documenting Reporting Vulnerability.
18. Conclusion of Bug Bounty. 

Course Price- $300

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