india’s biggest achievements

Here Are Some Of India’s Biggest Achievements To Remind You Just What A Proud Country We Are

India is a country of great men and women, a country of rich cultural diversity, a country with plentiful natural and intellectual resources, and heart… so much heart. It’s no wonder that we’re one of the fastest growing economies in the world right now.

  1. India produces most the engineers in the world.

  2. India has  the world’s third largest military.

  3. India is the second largest troop contributor to UN peacekeeping in the world.

  4. India is the largest producer of feature flims in the world.

  5. Despite budgetary constraints, India has one of the world’s top 5 spcae programs.

  6. It was ISRO’s chandrayaan-1 that first discoverd water on the moon.

  7. India gave the world game of chess.

  8. 1975: Launches India’s first satellite – Aryabhatta.

  9. 1993: Since 1993, PSLV has launched over 40 satellites from 40 different countries.

  10. 2014: Has a successful mission to Mars. Mission Mangalyan cost 10 times less than the same mission undertaken by the US previously.

  11. 2016: Launches low-cost space shuttle reusable launch vehicle at Rs 95 crore.

  12. 2016: Creates India’s own satellite navigation system IRNSS.

  13. 2016: Launches a record 20 satellites from United States, Canada, Germany and Indonesia.

  14. 2017: Successfully tests GSLV MK3 to enable India to send man to space by 2020.

  15. 2017: Launches 104 satellites in one go – the most by any space agency ever.